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The test plant was built from September 2014 until April 2015 inside Modultec (company integrated inside IMASA Group), located just outside of Gijon (Asturias-Spain).


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The Hygroscopic Cycle test plant confirms the physicochemical properties and advantages of the technology.

The plant includes all equipment and elements needed to reproduce the Hygroscopic Cycle. It is obtained:

  • Better electrical performances than the traditional Rankine cycle. All parameters are measured and registered in our SIMATIC SIEMENS PLC control system.
  • Does not require cooling water consumption at any time of the year, reaching 0.02 bar(a) of condensing pressure.
  • The self-consumptions are lower than a traditional Rankine cycle. Quantified about 5% lower.
  • Condensation is so efficient that it can works for more than 4 hours without vacuum pump connected. It is 100% guaranteed  the whole steam condensation.
  • The O&M is simple and inexpensive compared to a traditional Rankine cycle.
  • The live steam obtained is cleaner than a Rankine cycle, protecting and increasing the life time of the turbine. It can be corroborated in the sampler installed at the entrance to the steam turbine.
  • Our chemical additive adjusts the pH of the steam and condensate phase, protects against corrosion to all metals and prevents deposits. Analytical are performed (mainly pH and conductivity) at all times to verify these points.
  • The start-up and shutdown is fast and reliable.

The plant guarantees the benefits of using a Hygroscopic cycle, for any power facility that works with a Rankine cycle for any electrical power.