Industrial References

On May 22th, 2017, IMASA launched the first reference of the Industrial Hygroscopic Cycle technology.

plant 1The technology was incorporated into the 12,5 MWe Vetejar biomass plant, located in Palenciana area, which belongs to the Cordoba’s province (Spain) and is owned by Agricultural cooperative Oleícola El Tejar.

The benefits provided by the technology allow to amortize the investment in less than 2 years.

plant 2

With the incorporation of the aforementioned technology to the industrial plant the following conclusions have been obtained:

  • Increase the coolant temperature of the air coolers by 13ºC for the same condensation pressures.
  • 100% saving of cooling water (229.200 m3/year).
  • Reduce self-consumption of the plant (1.520 MWh/year).
  • Increase the availability of the facility, working with lower average annual condensation pressures, thereby generating an additional 900 MWh/year.
  • In conclusion, increase the electrical performance of the plant by eliminating all the cooling water consumption, as well as reducing associated O&M costs.

plant baena

The 5th of July 2018, IMASA started up the second reference at industrial scale of the Hygroscopic Cycle technology. This technology has been incorporated into the 25 MWe Baena’s biomass plant.

The facility is located at Córdoba, one of the warmest provinces of Spain, and is owned by Oleícola El Tejar, one of the most important cooperatives in olive sector.

The benefits provided by the technology made it possible a very quick amortization about investment costs, significantly increasing the net electrical performance, completely canceling the consumption of cooling water, and reducing its associated O&M costs.