EcoeficiencyThe Hygroscopic Cycle with minimum concentrations of hygroscopic compound that requires current commercial technology, you get respect Rankine cycle:

  • Increased production of electricity (net electrical output increased from 0,3 to 1%). Therefore, reduction of CO2 emissions per kWh produced and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Best cooling conditions. Savings over 85% of cooling water consumption for warmest climates and 100% in the rest of them.
  • Cost reduction of O&M by 25%.
  • Decrease the investment costs of the steam cycle by 5%.
  • Compatible with one and all of improvements of the traditional Rankine cycle.
  • Increases life-period of installation, reliability and availability.
  • Reduce the environmental impact.
  • Increased competitiveness.

“A development of the Rankine cycle which reduces production costs and decreases the environmental impact”